Home is a place where memories are made where you have fun. Sometimes you can be sad but you will always be happy in your home. Home is not just a place with four walls and a roof. Home is a feeling that you have loved ones caring about you. Home is a place that you feel welcome and not left out. Home is a safe place where you know that all your loved ones can keep you safe. Home is not just a feeling, home is not in one place. You can feel at home at the park or at a school or anywhere that you can have fun. Family makes me feel at home if I have my parents with me or my nan or grandpa, or any of my family then, home follows me everywhere I go. A house is only four walls and a roof but home is something special, a feeling that stays with you forever. I'm happy that Habitat for Humanity will help so many people find a house and a home. A home is family, friends, love, fun and happiness. I love going back to my home and home follows people around everywhere, even at bad times. I hope everyone can have a home.


Grade 5

Oyster Pond, Nova Scotia

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