What Home Means To Me

Do you love your home? I love my home because my family are there. It's where I'm growing up and making memories with people I love. Let me tell you some of my favorite memories. One time I was at Max's beach with my sister, and we were playing catch with a purple, pink and white ball and swimming all around. We were having so much fun. One time my dog Harley had puppies, and we kept one, we named her Bell. We also have a dog named tank. One time my mom let me have a birthday party with all of my friends. It was so much fun. We all played a bunch of games. Basketball, Tag, Hide-and-seek, and we even had a saran wrap ball that had a bunch of candy inside of it. Home to me is where I feel safe, and I am loved by my whole family that I get to share the best times with. I love my mom, my dad, my sister Lexie and my brother Lawson Thank you for reading my home writing The end


Grade 5

New Ross, Nova Scotia

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