What Does Home Mean to me

-Home means my mom, my dad and my sister. -Home means sitting by the fire on a summer night. -Home means helping my dad bring in wood to keep the house warm. -Home means my mom planting flowers near the House every summer and watering them almost every week. -Home means waiting to open presents on Christmas day. -Home means going to the city every Saturday for basketball and getting home late. -Home means having a sleepover with your cousin and playing video games. -Home means getting ready for school and not wanting to go because I'm too tired. -Home means Having to go to something that you don't want to do like baseball practice or basketball practice. -Home means having barbeque ribs and eating outside as a family. -Home means not having supper on friday because my dad is too tired to cook supper. -Home means having to make lunch by myself because I'm home alone but the only thing I can make is a grilled cheese sandwich so it doesn't make me full at all. -Home means having cereal for breakfast because I just don't want to make something. -Home means having to brush my teeth before I go to bed even though I don't want to. -Home means going on a walk in my backyard because my backyard is way too big. -Home means going to an AV hockey game on a friday night and giving the players fist pumps after every intermission. -Home means buying pumpkins in the fall and carving the pumpkins when it's getting close to Halloween. -Home means sleeping in my nice, comfy and warm sheets after I wash them. -Home means having a movie night with my mom and dad because my sister is at a sleepover. Thank you Habitat for humanity For reading my writing. I hope you like it


Grade 5

windsor, Nova Scotia

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