My home is a shelter from hurricane. My home, A warm place where I feel safe. My family has all the food and drinks we need to survive. We have all the furniture like a toilet, fridge, beds, and all the lights. At home I see my family. I can smell delicious food. Don’t forget the sounds of my parents turning on the water for a shower. I can also feel my soft bed. My neighborhood, we have friendly neighbors, a little community store, not on a very busy street and not too far in the country. We have good internet in our neighborhood. My local town, we have lots of good stores and nice people. Our town has everything people need to live. I would not want to leave my home to get a new house anywhere else on earth. My province, I see it as just a great big property owned by the government and is divided into smaller properties. There are lots of neighborhoods in my province followed by lots of towns and cities. My country has a lot of provinces, towns, cities, neighborhoods and homes. People in Canada are lucky to have freedom because some countries don’t have freedom.


Grade 6

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

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