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Home to me is a kind loving place, Where you can feel like your not being judged, By who you are. Home is like your neighborhood where you lend a helping hand. It's made of stone and wood that's hard. Some window glass and perhaps, a yard. With gutters to keep rainwater out And eaves and chimneys. My home is nice and warm with all the stuff I'll ever need. All I have to do is do good deeds. I play and lay and there is no dismay. So near, so far, wherever we are, No matter where we choose to roam, We live and we learn. And love at home. I am so thankful for Habitat For Humanity Because they give people that need homes A nice place to live. Just one entry, Could give someone a house. That could become a nice home for them and their family. Thank you Habitat for Humanity.


Grade 5

Red Deer, Alberta

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