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My Home

Home tastes like spicy korma and sticky rice, the tomato flavor brings comfort after a hard day. Home sounds like the footsteps of my entire family walking around the hall outside of my living room chit chatting about their day. Home smells like fresh chocolate cake with a silky vanilla glaze. Home feels like sitting down on your toy cluttered couch. Home looks like organized chaos of several family members, cousins and extended family, playing board games, video games, chatting, walking, eating, exercising, and teasing each other. Home means clutter for me. A clutter of toys, books, lights, pots, pans, and dishes. Home is like a rubik’s cube that you can live in. The colours are constantly changing depending on the sunlight and mood. Home means peace. A safe place to lay to rest, a safe place to create memories. Home means family. Family is everything. Home to me also means the different memories made in places lived. Home is safety,, home means my brother. Home means my sister, my dad, my mom. Home means grandma. Home means grandpa. Home means cousins gathered together. Home means loud kids walking around safe and free to play. Home means a big table full of people. Home means welcoming people in. Home means everything to me.


Grade 6

Edmonton, Alberta

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