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How I Feel At Home

When I'm at home I always feel happy because I always know that I'll be happy when I'm with my family and friends. I always love coming home after a long day at school and watching a nice movie with my family tucked under lots of blankets, eating lots of snacks and drinking hot chocolate. I love that I can tell them anything, and I know for sure they won' t say anything mean or judge me, and I also know for sure they will only have nice things to say. I also love hanging out with my best friends. I love when they come to my house and we can play fun things like hide and seek in the dark, and my most favourite thing to do with my friends and family is bake. My favourite thing to do is bake cookies. Whenever I bake cookies at my house, I feel very happy. In the summer, I also love being outside so I can go jump in the pool. I also love inviting people to swim at my house so we can have run races and play volleyball in the pool too, I love my home and I hope you do too.


Grade 5

Montreal, Quebec

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