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To me home is a place to stay when skies are gray. Home is a place of love no matter your height or age. Home is not just a word it is a place of memories and cheer. A home built from memories of joy and fear. Home is where you are where your family resides whether it is in a house or shelter your home is where the heart is no matter what they say home is where you reside every day from childhood to your adult day and age. Some move around and some stay home. It is a magical place that should be overflowing with love,cheer,joy and even fear all throughout every year. Home is a happy place where you can be at home. It is a place where you hold family and pets close. A place we hold dear even when you're filled with fear, home is a place of anger,joy,sorrow,disgust and fear. Home is where you are when life is tough. Home is where pets are. Home is where you are.


Grade 6

Medicine Hat, Alberta

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