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The Meaning of Home

My home is safe, it’s comfy, it’s love and happiness. My home is a place where my parents protect me and my brother. My home is where I have fun with others. It feels soothing to know that I can go to bed without worrying about what dangers could be outside. In my bed I can lay with pride. I can sink into my comfortable couch and read with my mom, while sipping hot tea with her. Sometimes I have so much fun with my family it turns into a blur. My parents tuck me into bed with an “I love you.” I always responded with “I love you too.” I love to be with my family. Sometimes when I see them my heart beats rapidly. I have no idea what I would do without them. My family is precious to me, like a special gem. Home is where I’m loved and where I love. My home is where me and my brother shove. I’m grateful for a relaxing home to keep me safe and warm. My home keeps me safe when there's a storm I’m thankful for having a family who helps me stay warm, clean and healthy. I’m happy that my house is steady. I love when I hug my mom and my dad. I hug them when I feel sad. My home is where I can be myself without having to worry about what others think about me. At home I can always be free.


Grade 5

Pincourt, Quebec

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