Meaning of home partial fictional story

Meaning of Home, Partial fictional story This is a story about a boy named Liam born in 2017. In 2022, Liam was a child who lived in an apartment in the Comox Valley. This apartment was far from perfect as it had moisture problems with a leaky ceiling. The carpet sometimes felt damp beneath Liam's feet. His parents were hard workers and worked long hours. Liam went to his school's daycare everyday. One day his parents found out how Habitat for Humanity help people, like their family, to own a home. Even though they worked a lot, they were required to donate 500 hours of volunteer work at the restore. Their family and friends were asked to volunteer 100 hours. The community was there to support them. The kids in Queneesh Montessori help too by donating their own volunteer hours to the family by working at the ReStore once a week. They also had ReStore donation drive at the school to help raise money for building houses. Not to mention, that same class writes a Meaning of Home contest writing entry every year which further raises money for Habitat. This January, Liam and his family, received their new home and became homeowners! As the snow fell, the community came together along with the kids from Queneesh to give the family their new set of keys. Liam was extremely happy and he loved his new house. He is now 7 and very happy and helps children in need himself. Habitat gave his family a hand up!


Grade 6

Courtenay, British Columbia

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