What Does Home Mean To Me

What home means to me, if home was a smell it would be the smell of my nannies fresh baked sweets, if home was a sight it would be seeing my family gathered at the table for family game night, if home had a feeling it would be the feeling of being safe and loved, if home was a sound it would be hearing movies playing on the tv with my siblings laughing and talking, if home was a taste it would be my nannies homemade cookies. Home to me is getting back after a long day and having my family there to comfort me and be there for me, home to me is gathering in the living room with snacks and having a movie a night, home to me is helping my nannie bake for work, home to me is feeling safe and comfort with the people around me. Home is being around people I love, home is hugging my mom and not letting go after a long day, home is helping my family when needed, home is playing with my siblings, home is hearing my family's laugh, home is the smell of my moms candles and tarts. I think of home when I think of candles and tarts, when I think of trust and love, when I feel safe and loved I feel at home, home is something different to everybody. That is what home means to me.


Grade 6

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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