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Home, a Place of Love and Laughter

Home is where my family is, my mom and dad, my brother too, where love is shared and bonds are strong, and memories are made with the ones we love. Home is where the walls are adorned, with pictures of the ones we hold dear, where the softness of a quilt, provides comfort and reassurance. Home is where my mom's warm embrace and my dad's wise words guide me through life's ups and downs. Home is where my brother and I laugh and play and make noise where sibling rivalry is balanced by love and understanding. Home is where my mom's cooking fills the air with the aroma of her famous butter chicken that brings everyone to the table for a meal shared in love and warmth. Home is where the fire burns bright in the hearth, on frosty winter nights, where we gather around and share stories and laughter. Home is where we celebrate holidays and special occasions making traditions and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Home is where we light diyas and celebrate Diwali with joy, where the sounds of fireworks fill the air and the sparkle of lights illuminate the sky. Home is where we feel safe and secure, with the ones we hold dear, where love is the foundation and family is the heart. Home is where the heart is, and the heart is where home is, a place of love, laughter, and memories with family. It is a place where we are not just living but truly experiencing life and all its beauty - a place where we celebrate the festivals with tradition and togetherness. Thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for giving this opportunity to children across Canada to be able to help those in need.


Grade 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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