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The Meaning of Home

My home is love. My home is family. My home is a circle. My home is love. Love is showing respect,and care about each other. Like spending time doing game nights with my family. I love my family so much and they love me too. My home is family. Family are people I can rely on. People that love me. Family is when you stay together. People that will sacrifice things for me. With my brother and my dad we play soccer in the backyard. I do arts and crafts with my mom and sister. Family is more than you think. My home is a circle. Love,family and all those things that you do in life. It’s a circle of fun and appreciation for what I have in my life. Live in a safe place. I have furniture, a tv. Not all people have that. Love, family and circles this is my home.


Grade 4

Pincourt, Quebec

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