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To Me Home Is

To me home is a place where I can be me. It makes me feel loved by my family and relatives that live far away.The thing I love about this place is the people.The people in my family make me feel safe and cozy.The cozy feeling in my home helps spread the heat of the loving fire that burns in our hearts.It's so nice when we come together and snuggle up while watching a movie. Playing card games with my family is very fun too. Home isn’t a building it is the people.Home is a great place to be and it might be a place where you spend most of your time but if you go to a hotel you spend time there too but is that your home?Games are also a very fun thing to play with my family.Monopoly,Scrabble, uno and poker are some of my favorite things.Games isn’t just the only thing we like to do at my house.We love playing sports at the local park.We would usually play tennis,soccer or volleyball.We will also go to the pier To try and go fish but we wouldn't catch anything though.


Grade 5

Shawville, Quebec

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