Home means to me

Home means to me… Home is a place where I know I am loved. Where I don’t have to be happy, sad or feel anything. Home can be anywhere as long as I can be my true self. At home I am not judged or looked over. I am truly myself inside, outside and all around. Home is not just a place, it’s somewheres in your heart, sometimes an empty space. Sometimes you can let home find you or sometimes you have to find home. When I’m not at home I am a tap, just bursting with emotions ready to snap. But when home finds me I am allowed to let my emotions trickle out, I'm allowed to scream, to cry and to doubt. Home means a hug, a warm embrace, that tells you that you're in just the right place. Home is a story, beautiful and sad, full of love and warmth, and people that get mad. But home never ends, it's a book that goes on and on. Some pages are blank and some are filled with tears. Some have hope and some have cheer. Home is full of love, written over and over again. Home is the book and I am the pen.


Grade 6

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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