The Special Home

For the meaning of home contest, I'm writing about a very special home to me that five generations of my family have spent the summers in North Lake, PEI. A normal day at our summer home would look like this: First, my brother and I would wake up very excited in the morning to get some eggs with my uncle. We would get changed, get our boots and sweaters on and we would run through the field to my uncle's house which is the special house. We see him in the barn and we go to get the eggs. We get all of the eggs and we feed the chickens then we go into the special home to wash the eggs. After that he would give us a dozen eggs then we would go home and cook them and we would eat them for breakfast. After breakfast, we would go down to the beach where we would go into the water and swim with all of our cousins. Usually everyday we would have beach parties with our family. There were rocks on the other side of the beach and we always went there. There were little pools that formed in the rocks and they were so warm we called them rock hot tubs. There was also a special kind of mud that was like oobleck. My uncle, dad and I would go snorkeling. We would find cool kinds of creatures and it was really fun. Usually, in the evenings we would roast marshmallows and hot dogs with our cousins and eat them. It was delicious! I think everybody deserves a home where they can feel safe, loved and cared for, have clean clothes, food to eat, and a place to sleep.


Grade 4

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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