Home is a place where there is family, joy and friends. At home we spend time together. We always watch movies and we play games. Sometimes we play outside. We play with our dogs and we go for family walks. I visit my grandparents to spend time with them. I go for rides with them. I cook with my family; we eat at the table. Sometimes we play board games or read. My home looks like love and family fun because we do fun stuff. My home looks beautiful because it has my family and my siblings. Home is made out of love, culture, food, family, and traditions. Sometimes we have Christmas dinner and we have Fall Hunt and it’s so fun. Parts of my home include my grandparents, sisters, brothers, mom and dad, joy, love, friends and culture. My home is in Trout Lake and it is fun there. Most of my family is home but sometimes I go to Hay River to visit some of my family. I know my home is in Trout Lake beside the lake and we go swimming in the lake. Sometimes we go boating or go for walks on the beach. I know my grandpa and my dad go hunting in the Fall time.


Grade 6

Sambaa K'e, Northwest Territories

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