Home is the Best Place to Be

HOME IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE Home is a place where you can be yourself Home is a place trust and care If home is ice cream it will be the best flavor Home is a place is where your love ones are like your parents your cousins your brother your sister If home is a food it would be freshly baked cookies If home is a bed it would be the comfiest bed in the world If no family is at home. Home is not the same I love doing activities with my family like Watching movies with my family Playing board games The best time of my life is with my family Home is where my heart beats loud and strong. Some people don't have homes Everybody deserves a home I can't imagine not having a home So please donate to Habitat For Humanity To help people who don't have homes. Home is the best place to be By Nick Clancey Mount Pearl, Newfoundland


Grade 6

Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador

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