~What home means to me~

Home to me means free to be yourself. It's kind of like an eagle soaring through the sky. So much freedom,heartfelt and comedy. I’m also adopted so to have a place I can call home is special. It’s special because when I moved around house to house I said to myself oh great, one after another until one day I finally had a place I could call home. Filled with laughter Joy and love also so unique with every personality to make up one love and home.I am really thankful that I have a home and a shelter to be safe and loved. I really care about the homeless because I kind of know how they feel not to have a home always transiting. When I get older I want to build a shelter for them and start charities like habitat for humanity. I think habitat for humanity is great and has great people and I don’t care if I win, I just want to help and make a difference. That’s what home means to me.


Grade 5

Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

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