My Home is Made with Family and Love

-A home is made with family, love, peace and joy. With brothers,sisters,moms and dads who make home even better. When I smell stuff it is cookies and other baked-goods that always taste very good especially brownies. Home is where you spend most your time either reading, playing, spending time with family and many more. I love going to bed with my very cozy blanket and rubbing my hand all over it. I always hear my brother saying I love you or you're the best and other very nice things. My mom and dad do the same thing too, including me! Also my sibling, mom, and dad make my home and life way better meaning no house and family can be better. I have friends that really do like my house and their house is awesome too. Over time my house can grow with love and joy and I believe that it will never ever crumble. It is also a safe place to be free and have good dreams. -Thank you habitat for humanity.


Grade 5

Fall River, Nova Scotia

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