What is the meaning of home?

Home. Home is where I feel safe, calm, warm and loved. Home is the sound of people laughing at a funny movie, the smell of fresh baked cookies and cupcakes, the sight of the board games on the table with family surrounding. The taste of buttery popcorn settling in my mouth, the touch of of a warm cozy heated blanket laying across the couch. Home isn’t just a place home is when you feel safe. That's home. For me home is when I'm with my friends and family. Home is when I'm surrounded by people laughing and joking around and playing games. Home is like nothing else, A home is special whether its a person or a pet or even a place it doesn’t matter as long as you feel safe in it. If you feel comfortable and safe you found your home. Home is a lot of things. For me my forever home is my best friend. She makes me feel safe and comfortable so she's my home. Everyone deserves a home. A home isn’t just 4 walls. Home can be anything you want it to be. Home can even be school if you want it to be if that's where you feel safe. It doesn't have to be but home can be anything whether home has 4 walls or home is your bestfriend its home. The dictionary defines home as ‘’ A place where one lives permanently as a member of a family of household’’ but i think home isn't 4 walls or a foundation, home is where your safe and comfortable and feel loved. That's a home so no it doesn’t have to be 4 walls, it can be but doesn't have to be. Home is safe. That's why everyone deserves a home. :)


Grade 6

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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