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Meaning of Home

Meaning of home By Ariya When I get home from school I see my dog and I play with him. Next, I go and get a snack and wait for my dad to get home at 4:15. Then when he gets home I do 2 or 3 chores. When my mom and baby sister gets home, I hear her crying because she doesn’t want to come home from daycare because she’s having so much fun. I go to my room and grab my iPod and watch YouTube. Some days I do the cooking, I usually I make pizza or kraft dinner, it’s super easy and really good! When we sit down at the table there is lots of laughter. We eat and talk about our day. My sister just says “Nothing” that’s her favourite word, then I go shower. My mom does my hair like braids or something, then I go play Roblox with my friends. I have a good home because of my parents and even when they're having a bad day they still make us happy. Some people don’t even have homes that’s why I’m thankful for my home!


Grade 4

Watson Lake, Yukon

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