What Home Means to Me

Home is where you feel safe and loved. The smell of homemade cookies, the taste of hot chocolate on cold wet winter days filling you with warmth as you watch the snow fall onto the ground swirling and twirling gracefully down to the ground. Love is what makes a home a home without it it turns into a house just walls a roof and no love. A home is like a plant without the love and care that it needs it can't grow into a beautiful flower. Instead it will wilt and soon crumble and fade. A home feels like a warm hug filling you with glee and ecstatic energy whenever you enter it. Home isn’t the place you live in, it's the feeling you feel when you enter it. Home needs three things I call the evolution process to grow and evolve from a house to a home. Trust, love, and also respect. For a home to have trust you need to be aware of others' privacy and to trust them with their own privacy. For a home to have respect you need to respect your loved ones decision, even if it means letting them go. Holding them back from their dreams will only make them resent you for it, even though it may hurt you to let them go. For a home to have love you have to love your family through the good and the bad times because no matter how angry you are at your family you know deep down you love them more than anything. The fact that some people have no place to call home breaks my heart so I hope that Habitat For Humanity can help give others a place to call home!


Grade 5

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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