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The Meaning of Home

Home might be a place that is happy,comfortable, and fun. It can also be a place that is sad. My home is a blessing. I love my home and I love my family and they love me back. A dwelling is made with love and under the roof it's a place where you feel joy and happiness. I'm happy when i'm at my home. My grandma makes dinner for me. I come down stairs I see delicious food on the table. My home is a safe place where you feel like your under a warm comfortable blanket. I am really thankful for my home because some people don't have a house. The meaning of home is a place where you should feel happy and safe and loved by the people around you.Home is a comfortable zone. A place to love your pets and family. Home is where I live and where I grow up. I look out the window every night and see the beautiful lakes and farms. I love my home.


Grade 5

Red Deer, Alberta

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