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What is Home to You?

What is home to you? To me home is where you are able to do stuff you like without being judged. When you are feeling down where do you like to be? Home! No matter if your home is in a house, an apartment, or on the streets, everyone has a home. Home is the hugs of your dad and your mom saying “I love you.” Lots of people like to relax in bed. When I get home I get into my bed and snuggle up like a puppy. It is a safe and comfortable place. Home makes me feel joyful. You can practise religion or any other beliefs without any judgement. Dogs or cats are also common in houses. You can have your birthday party or celebrate anything in this safe space. Baking stuff like cookies, cupcakes, or cakes happens a lot at homes. I bake cookies or cupcakes, and I help my mom make cakes. Most of the time I am in my pjs when I’m at home. Many families have family movie or game night, while others just play games or watch movies when they’re bored. Normally at home you have water that you can drink, and food that you like. This is what a home is to me. Home is a safe zone, a joyful place, and a comfortable space.


Grade 5

Red Deer, Alberta

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