The Meaning of Home

My home means more to me than pretty much anything else. “Home” sometimes refers to a sheltered place to live, or a feeling of belonging, love, comfort and much more. To some people, like me, it’s both. I also think that home is the Earth. I like to think of home as a safe place to sleep, eat and keep me safe from fierce weather. I also like thinking of home as more of an inside, more personal feeling. For example, some people might think that the feeling of home is like snuggling up with your dog. Others may think of it as helping out around the house. I think of it as a lot of things, and I am going to describe it by saying what it feels like to me in my senses. In my house, I can see my family, my fish and my sister’s toys. I can hear cutlery and pots clanging in the kitchen, my sister playing and my dad sipping tea. I can smell appetizing fresh foods cooking, tiger tea and my fish's tank. I can taste homemade sourdough, delicious chicken shawarma and warm licorice tea. I can touch a soft blanket on my bed, a cozy couch and my comfy bed. I can feel (as in emotions) a lot of things such as happy, calm, excited, creative and loved. Most of all, home is a place where you can just be yourself.


Grade 5

Comox, British Columbia

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