If You See Me

If you see me Please say hi If you pass me on a bad day Swing by Sometimes it's hard It's no longer easy No one lives with me At least anymore People drive by But don't even look at me I used to be warm and cozy Now I'm just cold and empty No one to turn on the wood stove No one to redo my shingles No one to love me anymore Just a for sale sign, on my front lawn Its lonley these days With covid taking over everything And cause of quarantine No one goes for walks So no one sees my for sale sign People in fancy clothes look at me But not really at me At how old I am That I'm no use to anyone here anymore I'm fine with her here But when the construction people come All bets are off So please don't make your home a house that you have lived in for years Please keep your memories within an arms distance I mean you can try to bring your memories with you Where ever you go But a warning to you that it's hard to keep them with you And when you lose them You are never going to get them back Then your going to have to start from the beginning What I'm trying to say is don't throw it all away just like that Keep that grip on your life That you have worked so hard on,your whole life


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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