The Only Red House With a Blue Roof

I was a house. I was brick and stone and wood that’s hard. Some window glass and perhaps a yard. I felt alone, my rooms were empty, and my walls were grey. Just like my friends, I wanted to be a home. I saw some men holding some paint cans. I felt the smoot paint rubbing against me. My body turned red, and my head turned blue. I looked like brand new! I saw some furniture moving into me. Soon there was a family living in me! They walked through my hallways and looked around, there was absolutely no sound. Then all of a sudden, the little ones jumped! The grown-ups smiled like about a mile! Days and weeks past. I am no longer a house, I am a home! I felt memory, I felt laughter, I felt fun and I felt emotion! I was unique, I was special, I was the only red house with a blue roof in the neighborhood.


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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