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Why I Think EVERYONE Needs a Home!

Home is where I feel most safe, cozy and loved by the people around me. I love my neighbours that support me in everything I do. I have a quiet neighbourhood with lots of people that know me. If I were in a situation like some people are right now, with no place to call home, I don’t know what I would do. I just feel like I need to help because my home is so special to me and it means the world to me. It breaks my heart that so many people have to deal with that everyday and don’t have a place to call theirs or even home. I like that we can donate $10 to people without a place to call home. My home has a lot of memories that me and my family make there. For instance, at Halloween me and my family were carving pumpkins and my dad and I pretended to eat the pumpkin guts. It just makes me smile and remember when I was little. I hope in the future, everyone can have a home that is unique, special and cozy in its own way. I hope it makes them feel safe, welcome and free but most of all HAPPY!


Grade 5

St. Albert, Alberta

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