What home means to me

Hello my name is Charlotte Lunnen Burry and I live in Happy Valley-GooseBay. I’m almost twelve years old and over the years I’ve discovered what home truly means to me. When I was seven years old my grandparents moved from the house they had lived in since I was born to another house in a different part of town. At first I was upset about them leaving a house I had so many amazing memories in. After a while I grew new memories and love for their new house. That wasn’t easy, I still miss their old house, but I realized it was definitely for the best. My absolute favorite memory in their new house was when the neighbors cat and her kittens came over and played,slept and drank. Although there definitely were hard times during that, two of the kittens had fallen ill and I had to let them go. We kept the mamma and one of the kittens. I love mamma and Daisy with my whole heart and will always love them. I realized that if my grandparents never moved they would never be a part of my life. I am forever grateful that I have a home that I can go to and feel safe and loved. Not everyone can go home to a safe and loving home with family and friends that appreciate them. Some people can’t even go to a proper home so they walk the streets hoping that something will change but they still are cold, hungry and sad. I see this often in my town while I am driving to school or other places. This upsets me greatly knowing that they have to sleep outside in blizzards,rainy days and painfully hot days. I wish I could do more so people didn’t have to live their lives like this. Home isn’t just the place that you live,home is built by friends, family, hobbies and laughter. A house is physical, a home is not. You need to fill your house with love and laughter to actually make it a proper home. Enjoy your home while you’re there. Appreciate the home you made with memories, smiles and comfort that you worked hard for and still will continue to make. In conclusion, a home is that place that you feel safe and protected.That is a magical feeling everyone needs to feel.


Grade 6

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

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