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Meaning of Home

THE MEANING OF HOME A house is just 4 walls but what makes it a home? To me it’s a place of safety,love, a safe and friendly neighborhood and my family . I feel safe and guarded when my parents are with me. Our security system in our home makes me feel comfortable too. In my neighborhood I give out food to my neighbors. It's always really exciting, especially when it’s Christmas time and summer and spring break. I also love riding my bike in the summer,spring and fall seasons. I always ride fast but get tired 5 minutes into riding it .It's uplifting to see my family grow older and for us to accomplish new things. For example because we have a home my mother was able to start her own business. I am so proud of her. I feel cherished in my home when my parents make me food or even when I’m in my room because I understand that my parents made this room thinking about me and they didn’t have to do that. When they throw birthday parties I feel so appreciated too because they didn’t have to set up anything or even celebrate my birthday at all but they do it because they value me. These are all things that I want everyone to experience. For them to not have a house but to have a home.


Grade 6

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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