What Home Means to Me

Home means something different for everyone. Maybe home means family. Maybe home means a house. Maybe home means a safe place. Whatever home means, no one can judge you on that. For me, home means a safe place. A place with people I can trust. You make memories at your home, and even if you lose your home, you still have your memories. Home is something everyone deserves, and not enough people have one. I make a lot of memories at my house with my family. Memories like first time playing a new instrument, or Christmas morning with your family. One of my favorite memories with my family is when my we were over at my grandparents house, and when my mom tried all these crazy things to try and get a spoon to hang off her nose. I love when I spend time with my family, and when we make memories with each other. Sometimes, random memories pop up in my brain. These memories help me. Sometimes my memories make me feel happy when I'm sad, or make me remember something I forgot. I think everyone deserves memories, no matter what they've experienced. I realize that not everyone has a home, and that home means something different to everyone. Home can be a very strong thing in my eyes. I think some people underestimate what a house is. For me, the difference between home and house is that a house is just a structure with people inside, and home is where all the excitement is. I think life is something we have to enjoy while we have it and we need to cherish the moments with our family. Overall, I think that everyone deserves a house and memories, and not enough people have one.


Grade 5

Kelowna, British Columbia

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