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Meaning of Home Home, not a house but a HOME.. There’s a difference. When you say I have a house, or this is my house, you're just saying that this “house,” is just an object in your life. It doesn’t mean anything but a home is an important place in your life. When you're feeling alone out in the world and you have nowhere to go, you remember, I have a home. This story isn’t that much about me or my home, but about other people. Once, my family and I went to Halifax. We saw a lot of tents, 12 at least. Then, a man climbed out of one of them. He had dirty clothes and a big, bushy beard. I watched him walk down to a nearby stream with an empty container in one hand. And I thought, this person shouldn’t have to walk down to a natural water source to get water! They could if they wanted but they could get sick from that! People shouldn’t have to get sick from drinking water, everyone deserves clean , safe water to drink.. All of them, every single one of those people in those tents, they deserve a home. They need warm blankets at night and delicious breakfasts in the morning. I don’t really care if this story that I am writing right now gets first place or runner up, I just want people to hear this story about all the people who do need homes.. I want people to see what their life really should be like, and then work towards that goal. The goal of having a HOME.


Grade 5

Hubbards, Nova Scotia

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