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Best Place To Be

Home is the best place to be A place with such beauty Filled with kindness and love It truly is a gift from above. It is a place where memories are made A place where no one is afraid. A place to escape from stress and sadness and makes you filled with happiness. No matter where you live, in the forest or in the desert Home is a place filled with comfort. Big or small, It truly is the best place of all. A home doesn’t have to be luxurious A home has to have greatness. A place to celebrate your tradition No matter what culture or religion. Home gives you protection From bad weather and pollution It is a place you can't abandon. Cherish your home and be grateful for it Every single corner, every single bit. Home is a place everyone deserves But sometimes as you observe Some people have nowhere to live. We must work together and stand united To help the ones who were and are being neglected. The biggest mistake humans ever made Was taking someone else’s home away.


Grade 4

Sherwood Park, Alberta

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