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What Home Is To Me

I see walls, floors and doors but there’s so much more. I feel safe here in my home, not alone; if I choose to be a comedian or an accountant I know that I have support wherever I go, but where I feel it the most is at home. Home has this magical feeling that is capable of making yourself believe in you and the love around you, and with the family who get through hard times with you. I’m glad that I get to lay on my comfy soft bed and look out at the window at the same time, but the thing I do most is look out my window to see down the driveway a pile of cars that we own in this home. I can feel the love I get from my family, from my head to my toes, from the kitchen to the living room even in the deep dark basement, wherever I go, and that is what I know. I want to help Habitat For Humanity so that everybody has a safe warm home like I do. Home to me is a place that drifts me away, where I don’t cry alone and happy times are always close. I'm here to tell you what the meaning of home means to me so that the people in need have good memories and more happiness all around. I’m also here to hope that the people getting this home feel as safe and as lucky as I am. It has been a little challenging to write what I feel home is to me, because we all sometimes take it for granted but also this has been amazing to know that I have helped a family in need, by writing what home means to me. So thank you for letting me have this opportunity.


Grade 5

Bright's Grove, Ontario

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