The Meaning of Home

In a home you should feel happy and safe. Every home is different. In houses, some meals are the same and some are different. What makes a house a home? My home is my home and I love it. To me home means a place where you feel safe. Where you feel comforted and happy. Home is a place that you want to be. A place where you want to come home to. At home you should want to be yourself and not feel weird about doing what you're doing. Every home is different. A home could be big or small. A home could be a trailer, a tent or an apartment building. There are a lot of things that can make houses different. Like the colour of the house, the people inside them, whether you have pets or not, lots of things can make a home different! Not all homes are different. Yes, lots of things can be different but some things can be similar or even the same! I would say the most common thing to be the same is the place you live. Like if you had a neighbour you would both live on the same road or street. Home to me is where you play in the snow in your front or backyard. Where you sit in a chair in front of a fireplace and do your thing. Where you read a book for a little bit when the power goes out. When you watch your favorite movie with your family. When you have company come over for Christmas and maybe have a turkey or something. What makes a house a home? Lots of things can make a home! A home is a place where things are different from every other place. Like you may have a basement and no attic, but your neighbor or friend has no basement and an attic. Another way is that you might eat something different or do something different than how your neighbor or friend does! I love my family. I live with 3 people including myself. They are my Mom, Dad and Me. Everybody in my house makes it a home. I don't have a pet at home, but if I did they would be a big part of my home and my life. If I had a pet I would want an axolotl of a dog. I would name the dog Crystel and the axolotl would be Amethyst. I like doing stuff with my family. One of the things I like to do with them is watch movies! My two favorites are Cruella and Jungle Cruise. Those two movies aren't animated. To me, all of those things make up home. In my home, everything is perfect just the way it is.


Grade 4

Windsor, Nova Scotia

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