Home poem

Home is a shelter where you belong. Home is a place that stands very strong. Home is cozy and quiet, Until your siblings start a riot. Home is a place to relax, Until homework hits you like a smack. Home is the perfect space To live,and have fun in this great place. When you’re all alone, And got nowhere else to go, The best place to see is your home. Calm, cozy, cluttered, and sometimes cold as a winter night Every time I'm there, everything's alright Nice, warm bed sheets wrapping around me like a hug Every time I´m there,It's always so snug The amazing things we make here,drawings and pillow forts Until they TEAR and CRASH! And then we´re all bad sports. It feels as big as the West Edmonton Mall, but we know it's not. My home is a wonderland, and I would hate it if it were to rot. The smell of the dinner that is made, the sound of music everywhere All the family talking at the table with the taste of assorted veggies,meats,and bread that I eat without a care. It always feels so cozy and warm unless it's as cold as a block of ice But either way, it's very nice. To some, home means a place to sleep. To others it's a place to herd all the sheep. Maybe to you, It's the hotel with the waterslide. Or possibly you move a lot, so Itś a wild ride. Maybe it means more to you but without a doubt, This is what home is all about. Why Iḿ writing this poem that is a mystery. But because you took your time to read, I'll let you in on the story. I wrote this poem to help others. The ones that need it, maybe a homeless mother. Anyone who needs a home, to anyone who is all alone. That is the true meaning of this poem. To anyone who is all alone Or lives in a camper or needs a new home If you need a house to hide from war Or if your car was stolen and you can't go far if you are sad and living in a empty room All you need is a good old home. Elliot Oudot


Grade 6

Regina, Saskatchewan

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