What Does Home Mean to Me

A home is where your family is, where your bed is, and where you eat. Home is where you can do what you want to like: paint, build, sculpt, work, and whatever you want. A house is just where you go at the end of the day but a home is special. You have pictures of family, pets, you have food, and you can have anything you want. Home is where you can play games with family members or just relax and watch TV with family. Home is somewhere where you can grow up and play with friends and family which the days feel short from laughing all day. Over the years of living in a home you might move but so will your home when you unpack all your belongings everything will still be there with you. Everyone deserves to have a home and that's what this is for. Everyone has their own definition of home but this is what home means to me. By Ben C.


Grade 6

Brookdale, Nova Scotia

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