You may not like going home because maybe there are rules you don't like or people you don't get along with very well but there are other reasons why you should like home. Let me tell you why. Home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It’s also a place where you can dream and play. Home isn't just a house, it's a place where wonderful things happen, it’s a place where you can be with the people you love. When you get back to your house, after an exhausting day, don't you just feel relieved to know you’re home? Home is a place to sleep, a place to be yourself and a place to live. Like they say home is where the heart is. After a cold winter day or a hot summer day, it's always nice to go back to your comfy and cozy house. Home is the best place to be. Your house may be built by someone else, but the feeling is designed by you. You may have pictures of your family on your wall or pictures that you drew when you were little. One thing that some people don't know is that a house is just a shelter but a home is where you live, where you smile, where you dream. Our home protects us from the cold wind and the burning sun. It keeps us from sleeping on the ground. Home is a place where family lives together and laughs together. Home is what keeps you alive and takes care of you. There are a lot of reasons to love home but the best parts of it are the memories you make.


Grade 5

Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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