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Home to me is a place I stay and feel safe. Although my home is loud, I still like it for the people inside like my brother, dog, and my dad. Whenever we are together, I feel safe. When I’m at school have shelter but I don’t feel like I’m at home when I get home, I feel relieved because I can get away from the stress and school. When I get home, I go on my pc and go to Roblox to make a game called BattleFlag. In my home I feel loved and happy, I feel like most people in the world should be able to have nice homes, homeless people could live in homes likes tents, bridges, tunnels, and metros. And those places to us is like a little spot nobody knows about but for some homeless people its there home where they meet other homeless people and talk so they can feel happy even if a tent is not enough to stay warm, at least they have other people to talk to.


Grade 6

Chateauguay, Quebec

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