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Finally A Home

When I was first built, I was a sight to behold, Ceiling and walls with colours so bold. The volunteers worked quick and never sat, They built me with care for Habitat. A solid foundation made me strong, But to the homes around me, I didn’t belong. Try as I might, I didn’t know why, I was three whole stories and my peaks touched the sky. My rooms were empty, like they always had been, Until the day a family moved in. Suddenly rooms that were peaceful and quiet,, Became loud and noisy, just like a riot. The tiny ones screamed and marked up my walls, They played all day and rode bikes through my halls. But then in the evening, when the fireplace sizzled, The parents read stories and the little ones giggled. There was crying and anger but also pure joy, A family bond I wouldn’t destroy. No longer just plaster with metal and chrome, Instead of a house I was finally a home.


Grade 6

Bracebridge, Ontario

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