Meaning of home to me!

My home is a safe place, a big space to be me. I dance, I sing and I am free. My dad can sing all day long, to bring me joy with every song. My mom loves to listen to new music I play, with every chord sounding a different way. I look up to my brother because he’s very tall, and he looks down at me because I’m very small. My family loves me in every way, they keep me happy every day Now back to the topic of meaning of home, I will try to continue this with a poem. It doesn’t matter if a home is big or small, It matters that there will be love for all. It’s hard to know not everyone has a home, that’s why I’m here writing this poem. I want to make a change and raise money for my community, to provide people with new homes and a sense of prosperity. Homes make you feel safe inside, with so many memories while years go by. I love my house in every way, and time with family and friends to play. Be safe and happy everyday, and be kind to others in every way. Thank You!


Grade 6

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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