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What Does Home Mean to Me?

Home can mean several things. To me, it doesn’t just resemble a building. Those 4 walls and a roof I’ve spent my whole life in means more than I can explain. The comfort, safety and love that comes from my home makes this place more than what you think. I know I’m at home when I feel that single feeling of comfort the moment I walk through the door. My dog, greeting me with her kisses and happiness, mom and dad, giving me the hug that I have awaited all day for and my brother so joyous to see everyone together again. However, comfort isn’t just the hug you get when you walk into the house. It’s also helping each other, doing fun things together and knowing that you are loved. An essential part of home to me is safety. Knowing that in the darkest conditions, I am always safe in my parent's warm embrace. Safety is trusting that I can come home to escape my sorrow, bitter thoughts and just be myself. It also means to flee the cold rainstorm that I’ve been drenched in to a place that brings me a sense of security and safety. When I’m safe, that’s how I know that I’m at home. Finally, the heart of my home is love. You don’t have to spell “love” to feel it. The simplest things my family does shows me that they love me whether it's watching movies together, playing games or just giving each other our time. When someone says “home” I immediately think of love for it is the true key to a happily ever after. I hope that one day, everyone will have a home to experience the things that I believe home means.


Grade 6

Peterborough, Ontario

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