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Meaning of home

Hi, my name is Azzi and I love my home because my home is a place that you make happy and joyful memories with your family. My house is a place that I can celebrate holidays like Halloween, Christmas, easter, and thanksgiving. and this is why I think everyone should have a home. Your probably thinking “why is a house so important”. A house is important because it keeps you safe it shelters you from the rain, snow and wind. A House keep you warm and off the streets. If you think, there are unfortunate people that don’t have a home to go to. They must sleep on the streets with no shelter to keep them from the wind, snow and rain unlike us. Most of them are paranoid sleeping on the streets I would be scared to if I had to sleep on the streets and most people are sitting in there beds watching Netflix. A house should not just a house it should be a home.


Grade 6

Rockland, Ontario

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