What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me By Taehyeon Kang (Chris Kang) To me, home is where it rings my warm heart by the wonderful soul with love. Home is where My mother supports me and never lets me down. My father helps me with his strengths and feeds me with all those extremely wonderful memories and my sister avoids me from all the lonely feelings by playing a game of chess or playing board games at my glorious home. Home to heart, heart to home. Home gives you cosey shelter. If I grab an interesting book on my shelf and read it with sweet hot chocolate, it covers you with the feeling of heaven. Home to heaven, heaven to home. My favorite food isn’t the food from the restaurant. It is a food made at home. My mother’s rice cake soup was better than any other food in the restaurant. I think it is not possible to hate my mothers rich cake soup. Home is a wonderful place where it rings my warm heart with love, supportness, commness, familyship and more. What does home mean to you and Why? Home to all, all to home. Last but not least, love your home.


Grade 6

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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