There is no place like home, It is where we return after we roam. In the park near our home we ride bikes, We stay in our home, when lightning strikes. It is warm, that is home, Yours may have a garden gnome. Home can have fence, But it doesn’t make us feel intense. Pets can be there, such as bug, Or any type of dog, like a pug. At home there is care, Deep in the forest, in the city or anywhere. Everything needs home, even a mouse, We will be there in the house. We play, study, and also have a thrill, Me and my family rest at home when we are ill. At home, there is a book we can read, And home is what everyone may need. We feel hope, kindness, and pride, With friends and family by our side. Home can be fox’s den, Or the barn of a hen. When water flows, Home is warm like a rose. In our house, we enjoy a nice meal, Home is best for real. Home can be a house, tent, or a hut, Noises are gone when the door is shut. At home happiness is the best tool, We are home before and after school. The home is like the sun in blue and a wonderful sky, Home is a warm place, when we cry. We go home, when we are glad, We go home when we are sad. We have spoon and fork, We eat rice and pork. In the night’s dark, Home can be a bright spark. Home is breathtaking like a lake, Home is a place that will never break. Cheer for habitat for humanity!


Grade 5

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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