My home

My home isn't somewhere I just sit around being bored. It is somewhere when I call my friends, do some flips and put a hole in the walls! I love having sleepovers with my friends because we love having pillow fights. I also do skincare and bake fun cookie recipes from TikTok. As well as that, I love making creepy drawings and hanging them on my parents wall for fun. I love making TikTok videos when we are screen sharing to the tv and watching ourselves fail! I love making up little dances with my friends and showing each other and judging the dances that we made out of one hundred. I love doing my makeup before I go to dance class. My second home is dance class. I spend most of my time there and I love dancing with my friends. I love going to the gas station in between my classes and getting ridiculous things with my friends such as a pie, ice cream and a lot of candy. I love playing babies with my sister and her friends at my sleepovers because I just loved being forced too! Because it ends up being super fun! My home has the most memories and it will continue to be the most entertaining place ever.


Grade 6

Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

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