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The meaning of home

Home is place of comfort and admiration. It holds all my needs, as well as my family’s. I started grade 4 in September, 2023. I have been adjusting to my new, and wonderful school at Ecole Crane with my wonderful teacher. Of course, I still miss my friends very much and I hope to visit them there again. I also miss my old home, because it was near the beach and we got to watch the waves swish in the water. Moving was a big obstacle for me, my parents, and my friend’s lives. My parents bought me a little rascal named Rosco that saved my life. He is a 9-month old cavapoo. I’ve always wanted a dog to keep me from being bord and lonely. I always admired the fierce and brae looking Dobermans. But unfortunately, our house is too small. So, we looked into getting a smaller dog for our household from some really kind breeders. I chose Rosco, because of his lovely brownish blond fur. It was a Friday when I got him. I had been waiting all my life for this moment. And it finally arrived. When he got into his crate, I patted, and talked to him the whole drive home. It was raining the first time we for him, and that was beautiful. I was born on a rainy day, so I always have connections with the rain. And to see the rain dripping on our car, and the clouds being gray and gloomy, having my new puppy in his crate, it was a…. miracle. He definitely needs training. He is a beast, but I love him. My house, and my school, aren’t just buildings, they are my ….. Home.


Grade 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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