What is a home what makes a home special is the warmth of family, memories, and pets. If you have a home, you will want to feel happy and safe. A house is just a building on the other hand a home is a wonderful happy place where family meets and shares their stories. In my home I have learned all sorts of things like baking, new games, and how to cook. A home is a place where you are at home, you feel welcome and warm, you feel like you belong, it is yours to care for, yours to share, it's not the stuff you have its the memories you make, the things you learn, and the things you do and share. Cherish the memories make its yours to keep. There are many places to live, places where few of the rich live, places where many of the rich live, some people think that if they live somewhere cool, they are cool, but they are wrong! It does not matter where you live what your house looks like. It only matters if you feel happy where you are, not what your house looks like or where you live, it only matters if you feel your house, is your home


Grade 6

Salmon Arm, British Columbia

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