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What is the meaning of home

The meaning of home means to me when I walk into a home where you see a family that loves you. I feel I’m surrounded by people who like me for who I am, like friends and family. Another reason what home means to me is the nice community you have that's always trying to make you feel better about yourself. When I see people from the community I always go say hi because you're sometimes supposed to be nice to someone in the community. If you're not then at least like one person from your conmunity. Home is joy,love,neat and helpful when you need help. Your family is always there for you when you need someone in your family to comfort you. A place that is full of everything, sometimes one thing. Also when I call a house a home it's because it's full of love,heart and memories. I have so many memories from home. Memories are the most important thing in life that you could imagine. That is what I call home.


Grade 6

Cote St. Luc, Quebec

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